Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lou Lou and Bowser

One Of A Kind
Fine Art Doll
Marcie Hart
Lou Lou is sculpted from polymer clay and stands approx. 10" on her base.
She is a One Of A Kind doll sculpted from a lump of clay.

Her faithful dog Bowser is always by her side. His bark is bigger than his bite, but he thinks he is
quite tough. He thinks by digging up the biggest bones he can prove to his bigger dog friends that he is tougher than they are, but just between you and me...he is a little softie and ever adoring of Lou Lou! 

Bowser is sculpted of polymer clay and then flocked with fur. He has a rhinestone studded collar and bone complete with slobber. Mmmmm...a dogs favorite treat!

Lou Lou's little raggedy dollie also goes with her wherever she goes. She has been drug through dirt, sand, and mud and attended numerous tea party's, birthday's and slumber parties.  Lou Lou loves her...and she loves Lou Lou!  ;-)

I had much fun designing and sculpting this little doll.
I love children that look rambunctious with tousled hair and a glint of mischief in their eyes.
Children at play! Nothing cuter and more endearing than that!  ;-)

Lou Lou's gorgeous red hair is mohair, her eyes are hand sculpted and painted. Her glasses are also handmade by me.

Lou Lou stands on a handpainted polka dot base.
 Bowser is permanent but she is removeable.

I hope you like her!
Thank you for viewing!

P.S.  This is my little dog Rosie. We just got her in October 2011 and she was the inspiration behind Bowser. Her sister...Sage...a red heeler ...are constantly playing under my feet when I am working. Even though she is quite small in size compared to Sage....she thinks she IS the boss!
They are exactly 1 year apart and I love them dearly!
I think this doll came out as a subconsience self portrait of me.
I have always loved dolls and a piece of me is shining through on this little doll!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

German Bisque Pansy ll Doll 22"

Good Morning Everyone!

I have been falling in love with the German Bisque Pansy dolls for quite some time. I have acquired 3 of them to date and would like to show you one of my favorites.
 This little doll was purchased awhile back and is marked Pansy II Germany on her neck.  She was imported by George Borgfeldt in the early 1900's and is 22" tall. What I love about this sweet doll is her gorgeous big brown eyes and how beautiful her face is.
When I got her she was not dressed and her human hair wig was in thin little braids.
I came across a beautiful little dress that I thought would be perfect for her. After some small mends and a delicate cleaning the dress was brought back to a presentable state. It was quite sheer and delicate so undergarments definitely were in order. All dolls Must have the appropriate undergarments!   She was dressed with antique pantaloons along with 2 petticoats to help  her dress lay nicely. I love the beautiful lace near her waist and hemline.

Her hair... even though it was quite thin... curled up beautifully and now has a soft curl giving it more volume.
I then made a silk ribbon cumberband to accentuate her dress and since her name was "Pansy" I thought it would be cute to dress her with a slight Pansy theme.
The pansy was hand stitched by me on both her headband and her ribbon sash.
A tiny vintage pin was added at the neckline. Socks and shoes were also added to complete her outfit.

Pansy has become one of my very favorite dolls so far. I love the bisque dolls from this era and will be showing a Pansy I and Pansy IV that I am working on very soon too!
Oh...I can't forget to include her darling mohair bear! She takes him with her everywhere she goes!!
Thank you for taking a peek at my sweet little Pansy! 
Have a nice day!!!   ;-)

OOAK Update!
I wanted to mention that I am also finishing up a new OOAK doll.
She will be finished soon!
Be sure and stop by again!!!