Thursday, September 4, 2014

**CHINA BLUE** - from the **Decadent Queen** series

My latest piece...China Blue from the Decadent Queen series.
 It has been awhile since I posted a new piece. 
This particular one took me quite some time.
I hope she was worth the wait!

China Blue was sculpted with the opulence of the Marie Antoinette era in mind.
Decadent sweets and surroundings is what I envisioned when creating her.

She is a OOAK hand sculpted from Fimo Clay.
White mohair locks in an up swept style. 
She has hand made glass eyes and a gorgeous vintage blue shimmering
pin highlights her headpiece.

She comes with a large wooden base and  tri-fold background.
Adorned with shimmering ribbons and crystals. 

Her dress is made of a gorgeous blue and white pattern with layers and layers
of frothy tulle. A Blue Bow and white rose adorn her necklace.

Behind her is a small chandelier that glimmers in the sunlight.

Tiny hand made heart shaped cookies adorn a nearby plate.

Decadent desserts surround her. 

Ribbons adorn her dress. 

Soft strawberries and cream coloring's on her face.

Tiny little shoes to match her dress and streamers of ribbons and bows cascading down
the front of her dress.

Top view of her dress and delicate hands.

She comes with all the beautiful hand made desserts which include a Cake, Macaroons,
Petite Cakes and Heart Shaped Frosted Cookies all displayed on darling cake stands along with her

She is most certainly a pampered queen!!! 

Thanks for looking!



She is available for purchase here:

Monday, January 27, 2014

"Gypsy Rose"  New Art Doll

 My first piece for 2014 
I wanted to have her appear as though she just stepped out of a garden or painting

 Gypsy Rose is handsculpted from polymer clay.

She stands approx. 13 1/2" to the tip of her hat.

 Her clothes are in the style of gypsy-steam punk - victorian and embellished with lots of vintage and unique
trims and baubles.

 In her left hand she holds a little parasol 

 Her eyes are handmade by me and are glass. 
She has a cute little top hat fashioned in the 
steam punk gypsy style.

 In her right hand she holds a little key similar to the ones depicted in the background.

 Beautiful soft features with creamy skin tones and accented with peach - browns.

 The background is 17" tall x 12" wide by 11" deep. Mixed Media and Wood

She is a One Of A Kind. No other one exists like her. Totally Unique!

An enchanting young lady to bring you much enjoyment!

Thank you for stopping by!

Se her U-Tube Video Here:

Available for Purchase Here:

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Woo and Boo a Forest Sprite and his Owl!

A new sculpture just in time for Halloween!

Woo and Boo are handsculpted from clay and mixed media.
Woo is sculpted from clay and then handpainted with fine quality paints. Many layers of paint are added to bring out the coloring in his feathers and his big owl eyes!

Boo has a sculpted head and hands on a wire armature. He carries his little compass, a carved walnut shell basket full of berries and tiny mushrooms and a small stick. He also wears his trusty goggles so he can see a little better and not get those nasty gnats in his eyes while he is flying through the air! 

Boo likes to ride along on the back of his faithful owls back and the two of them get into a lot of michief in their travels..especially on Hallow's Eve!

The sculpture is mounted on a non-removeable wooden base for display.

Both Boo and Woo have special Halloween hats that they wear this time of year. They can be removed after Halloween if you wish to display them year round. ;-)

Total height of piece is 8 1/2" x 5" wide 

Little Boo is 6" tall by himself.

A look back at the sculpting process.

A fun piece of woodland magic created to bring a smile!!!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Thank you for stopping by!

Available for purchase here:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A little German Doll House Doll

A new little Doll House doll to share!
This little one is 3 /2" tall and is marked "Germany" on her back.
Made of fine Porcelain.

I am always amazed at the beautiful painting that the German's did on these tiny works of art.
Circa 1920's

I made her a tiny dress from beautiful ribbons to match her fairy like shoes.
Next she will receive her own little cabinet!


I will be posting a new piece for Halloween in the next couple days.
Please check back!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Alice In Wonderland


"Curiouser and Curiouser" said Alice!
A new OOAK piece I finally completed. I have been working on this piece off and on for awhile now.
I had always wanted to do a Alice In Wonderland piece and incorporate the various characters into it so this was the project.

I love doing Mixed Media pieces and so I started with a box and went from there. Alice is handsculpted from fimo clay and if standing would be approx. 10" tall. I wanted her to be a little bit "Edgy" something different than the traditional blonde Alice with the blue and white dress and pinafore.
Of course Alice would not be complete without her silly friend the Mad Hatter. 
He is also sculpted from polymer clay and dressed in vintage fabrics complete with his cup of tea and toast. 
All details were made from scratch

Another character I always enjoyed was the March Hare. This fellow was needlefelted from mohair, with handmade eyes and teeth. 
What a silly guy he is!
Alice is so disgusted with the little crying pig-baby. She came become quite a nuisance!
The illustrations of the little baby that turned into a pig always amused me...especially with Alice trying to deal with it. I tried to capture that in the expression of this screaming baby! ;-)
"Eat Me"    "Drink Me" 
Of course the sly Cheshire Cat has to make an appearance!
Alice's Throne

 Loved this clock for the back of her chair....spinning...down....down...down.

Many, many hours and details went into this piece.

I hope you enjoy it!

Available for purchase here:

Alice In Wonderland Video U-Tube