Sunday, January 16, 2011

Doll Collector March 2011

What a delightful surprise to find out that a childhood photo of me and my dolls was recently published in the March 2011 Issue of Doll Collector Magazine!

Doll Collector is a wonderful magazine and so supportive of doll artists around the world.
I am truly honored to be a part of this publication.

I thought while we were on the subject I would share a few more photos of me and some of my dolls as a child.
Finding some of these old photos really brought back some memories that I had long forgotten.

Friend?...or Foe???
This photo was taken when I was a little over a year old. 
I wasn't quite sure what to make of this big ol teddy bear but it didn't take too long 
before he became one of my favorites!
What a soft, sweet fellow he was!
Perfect for snuggling up to on my naps.

What little girl doesn't enjoy having a tea party with her dolls. Here we were enjoying cinnamon rolls and milk. 
I can't remember this doll at all. She is one of the ones that got lost somewhere along the way.
I was pretty good about
taking care of my dolls. I hated it when other kids would come over and try to pull their hair out or throw them around. I was always pretty gentle with them. Perhaps that is why I still have some of my old dolls...I always took good care of them.   ;-)
I still like having tea with some of my best girlfriends. We try to have a special tea a few times a year.
When we do get together we try bring along something to share ...a favorite doll, recipe, craft or special tidbit. Always so much fun to get together!   ;-)

Me and my dolly at Christmas.
My mom had a thing about "Pixie" haircuts.

You can't tell by this photo...but I really was scared of this doll and the shoes I had on really hurt my feet!
I remember that very vividly!   LOL  :-D
I was told to pose with her for the Christmas snapshot.
My mom bought her because she thought we looked alike with our "Pixie" haircuts.
I guess we sorta did...but there was something about this Giant Doll that I just never could
warm up to.  Maybe because she was sooooo BIG...a monster of a doll!  LOL   :-D
I remember that I named her "Furlinda" and where I ever came up with that name is beyond me!
Things we do as kids...where are our minds?????

Notice the little paint set in the background? Another little glimpse into my future self.
I have always loved painting and used to paint in oils and acrylics before doll making took over most of my time. I try to get back to it now and then whenever I get a free moment. One of my favorite things on earth is the smell of turpentine and oil paints in my studio!

Me and that same little mystery doll.
Hmmm...I wonder where she went????

There is that purple cat again (Loved animals both stuffed and real...still do to this day)  and
sweet little Shrinking Violet!
I loved her...but unfortunately her voice box didn't last more than a day or two.
I was heartbroken that she quit working. My dad tried everything to get her fixed but to no avail.
I still have her...she was a classic!

One last photo
Christmas with my stuffed beagle dog, a rubber jester and Cheerful Tearful.
Cheerful Tearful would cry and frown when you bent her arm down.
The rubbery jester doll I have is sitting up on my sculpting table as I speak.
I never could figure out what he was made of. It had such a squishy, strange feel to it and has somehow lasted all these years. 
You wonder sometimes what some of the toys were made of.
Kinda like Stretch Arm Strong was when my boys were young.
(Always wondered what was inside of him) ???

I have always believed that the toys we play with as children give us a glimpse into adulthood what
our interests will be and what we become later on.
I have found this to be true with so many people I know.
Dolls are recorded to have been found clear back 
even B.C. in ancient tombs and
When I find an old tattered doll I wonder about who the previous owner was, where she may have lived, what her life was like. When I sculpt a doll I wonder where her new home will be and what the new owner will be like.
It is so obvious that dolls have played a major part in civilizations for many, many years. 
It is no surprise that they continue to play a large role in our lives as doll manufactures and doll artists produce thousands of dolls every year and doll collecting is still the number one collectible.
I believe they play an important role in our lives and can teach us so much about our history.
I know my dolls were a big part of my life as a little girl and continue to be an enjoyable part even now as an adult.
Thanks for sharing with me a trip down memory lane....  ;-)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy 2011!

Santa was very good to me this Christmas and blessed me with a new little puppy!

We named her SAGE and she has brought us so much joy!
She is a red heeler and has become very loyal to me already. Heelers are such smart and loyal dogs.
I was wanting a dog that I could
take on walks and go on horseback rides with as our Dear Sweet Sadie which is half heeler and half border collie
 is just getting too old to handle that kind of exercise anymore.
She is coming up on 14 years old and arthritis
has made it very difficult for her to walk.
We still love her and she has been showing the new puppy the ropes around here which SAGE has become very anxious to learn.
What a pair they have become!

Just wanted to share the happy news and wish everyone a fantastic 2011!

Take Good Care!