Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Our Fairy" Type Little Bisque Dolls

I wanted to share with you a cute little pair of "Our Fairy" type bisque dolls that I have been working on. They are just a bundle of sweetness!!!
When I purchased these little dolls someone had painted their feet and areas on their bodies with gold paint!! After I cleaned them up some little black shoes and blue socks appeared from under that old gold paint.  Perhaps a child had painted them....I am not sure but after I cleaned them up they were so adorable I decided to make them some new outfits.  They are copies of the German all bisque little doll named Our Fairy which is so popular with collectors and stand approx. 5" and 5 1/2" tall. 

I named this doll Violet.


She is the smaller one of the two and is marked on her back "Nippon" 
I used a pale lavender batiste for the dress
and overlayed a piece of antique lace on top of it. 
These little dolls are a nice way to use small pieces of beautiful lace to really show it off. I then added some silk ribbon flowers on her dress and made her a little flower head band. I think these dolls are adorable!

The second little doll I named "Daisy"

With her blonde hair and little blue eyes she just looked like a Daisy to me!  ;-) 
She is unmarked.
Her dress was also made with pale yellow batiste and overlayed with antique laces.
Both these dresses were hand stitched. I have found that stitching these dresses by hand as much as possible is the best way to go. I then found some vintage daisy motifs that were added here and there on her dress along with tiny 1/8" blue and yellow silk ribbons to accent her dress. 
Hope you enjoyed meeting Daisy and Violet!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Where did the time go????

Well....has it really been this long since I posted???
 My poor little blog thought I forgot about her! 
I better "Get To it"  and write something!!! 
Life has a way of slipping by in the blink of an eye!

I have been very busy working on a lot of projects. Both old and new.
 So first I will show you what I am working on at the moment and then hopefully in the next few days
some updates on other related items.

Halloween...it will be here before you know it. Yikes! October in less than 30 days!!! No...it can't be!!!
Well...I have been working on a piece called "Whoo and Boo" this is the first few photos of the sculpt.
 Ummm...what is it???

 Beginning of Armature
 Adding the clay
HeeHee...funny looking....  :-D
 Beginning to look more like an owl.
Almost finished with sculpting, then on to painting and working on his passenger Boo!
I hope to have them done before Halloween. I will post pictures as I get closer!


I came across these little cuties recently and just had to post pictures of them.
They are 3 inches of cuteness!
 Made in Germany these little dolls are stationary except for their heads which turn in different directions.
They are held on by elastic strung through the tops of the heads. Different companies made them from 1920 on.  Mine are not marked but I believe they are German. So cute...just had to share!


My heart was broken a couple of weeks ago...
We lost our beautiful Arabian horse Mirage.
So sudden...I was not prepared for it.
I still miss him greatly...
I find it so hard to go out to the barn and not have him greet me with
his wonderful whinnies and nudges begging for a scratch behind the ears.
A beautiful being that enriched our lives greatly!
Until we meet again for another ride in the heavens!
I love you... and miss you....my faithful steed!!!