Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Be Back At Midnight" Pumpkin Fairy

A new piece just completed for the ADO - Challenge -Halloween.

This piece is a mixed media piece incorporating many styles. The idea for this piece came from the pumpkin itself. To me.. pumpkins are so magical. The big round orbs hiding amongst the vines and leaves have such an element of surprise to them. What is more fun than seeing one that has been secretly hiding amongst the leaves growing and growing unawares until it is discovered. They seem to play many roles in famous fairytales so I thought it would be fun to incorporate the doll into the pumpkin and place a story inside. Cinderella was the first thing that popped into my mind. I wanted something visible but not so distracting that it took away from the doll. Silhouette's came to mind as I have always found them to be appealing. Simple but elegant. Pumpkins always remind me of Halloween but I wanted a different twist on it for this challenge. Cinderella or perhaps another young lady race to get back Before Midnight or Else. It leaves that up to the viewer to complete the story in their own minds. The pumpkin was hallowed out and the scene placed inside. Vintage rhinestones, papers, buttons, etc. were used to make it a OOAK. Thank you for stopping by!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stella my 1969 vintage camp trailer

After seeing a picture years ago of a vintage travel trailer restored I always wanted to try it. So this summer I spent one month totally restoring a 1969 trailer from start to finish. Everything you see in her I either made or added from my personal collections. It was a fun project I shared with my dad and husband. I worked like crazy to get it ready in time for camping and one month to the day we bought her...we took her out on her first camping trip. Thought I would share her transformation with you...

Stella Before and After Pictures

 The cowgirl image above is the only thing left I have to do on Stella. Taken from a vintage postcard which I have remade with new accents and imagery this image will be painted on the outside of my trailer next to the door. She will also be my new logo image for my business. 

Covered the cushions with an old red bedspread, made the pillows, curtains, from red and white gingham. Much spiffier now!!

Blah...Blah..Blah...Took the top bed part out and my husband made the 2 curved cupboards from the piece we removed. Made for much better storage and seating. Much cozier now too!

I am not a fan of the old avocado and gold colors. ICK!

Hated these cushions, couldn't wait to get my hands on them.

After getting a makeover with my cherry red paint I think she looks much sweeter now. Love the look of the 30's and 40's so I was thrilled when I found this reproduction fabric with the fruit on it for making my kitchen curtains. Used my computer for the cherry border along the bottom of sink area and added some vintage chalkware fruit plaques to the walls and cupboards. Embroidered the little tea towels with cute motifs and I also found a darling red tea kettle too!

What the kitchen area looked like before her transformation.

Boring brown stripes on the outside of trailer. Hated it!!! :-(
Stella after painting the brown stripes my red color.


Cowgirl Collage Quilt Wall Hangings

One of the most fun projects I had with this little trailer was decorating her up. Lipstick and Rouge as they say! LOL In the process I made these little wall quilts to put on the walls. Favorite vintage postcard images along with favorite quilts, tidbits of fabric, and other misc items from my stash went into these fun little pieces. Loved the quotes and just the little bits and pieces of nostalgia that made each one unique. Ideas for these quilts came from a fantastic artist by the name of K.C. Willis. She was my inspiration for these. Thanks K.C.!!!

This quote is so very, very true! Doesn't she just look happy on the back of her faithful steed? A favorite belt buckle that my husband gave to me added just the right touch at the top of the quilt.
I thought this lady was so elegant in her own special way. I added a favorite heart shaped rock from my rock collection and some vintage flowers, buttons and rhinestones.
I think this one is actually my favorite. Love these quotes and the pictures of these ladies are wonderful. These women worked hard, had calloused hands but could also be so tender with their children and livestock. I admire them and try to pattern my life after them...
Good ol John Wayne. A favorite quote that I have used in my own life time and time again!!!
What can I say about Calamity Jane...comical, tough, witty and could handle a gun. True Grit in my opinion!
Love this quote...not sure who this cowgirl is but I thought she would say something like that! LOL
Classic quote from Annie Oakely. She was the coolest!!! And...she could out shoot most men in her day!
Alot of people don't realize that most cowgirls prided themselves in how they looked and presented themselves. Hours and hours went into their makeup and costumes before their shows. This picture reflects the workmanship that was put into her dress. Check out the equisite embroidery on her skirt. Gorgeous!!!
Vera McGinnis, 1923 One of my favorite cowgirls. Isn't she beautiful!!!
A couple of vintage postcard images that I love. These girls have ATTITUDE!!! Oh, No...they are packing too!!! LOL Altered then framed.
Hanging on one of my trailer walls....

Close up of full quilt..

Misc. Fun Additions to my trailer decor

This was another garage sale find. An old wooden stirrup with someones brands on it. I made a lamp out of it, added the shade with horse images and red rick rack on it for a little color.

One of my most favorite things is this antique leather and heart breast collar I found at a yard sale. It was hanging on a fence for years, dry and tattered. I was drawn to it by the heart shape but when I turned it over there was this gorgeous red rosette still in all of its brillant colors attached to the front of the leather heart. I was thrilled!! How it withstood the elements for that long...I am amazed. I brought it home, cleaned up the leather and silver and it now takes a place amidst my special horse tack in my home and trailer. Isn't it just beautiful!!!

Close up of floral rosette!

Another thoughtful gift from my good friend Susan for my little trailer. Isn't this the coolest!!!

This trailer had the ugliest gold plastic inserts in the fronts of the cabinets...all I can say is "UGLY" So I replaced them with pictures from some of my vintage postcards. Painted the fronts red and added the little gingham floral designs to the front.

Vintage cowgirl figurine, and cowgirl salt shaker. Tad Lucas a wonderful cowgirl is featured in the shaker complete with wings and faux salt. Wonderful lady with fantastic personality. Anyone that knows me knows that in almost every room in my house I have "Winged Things" so...I had to have a "Winged Cowgirl" in my trailer or it just wouldn't be right!!! LOL ;-)

A favorite picture of my grandmother and her horse Robin.

I made this little bulletin board from a scrap piece of fabric to hold postcards from our travels with Stella and some pictures.

Vintage postcard purchased years ago, along with some figurines from my collection.

One of my favorite artists, Donna Howell and horseshoes off my horse Benta.