Thursday, September 4, 2014

**CHINA BLUE** - from the **Decadent Queen** series

My latest piece...China Blue from the Decadent Queen series.
 It has been awhile since I posted a new piece. 
This particular one took me quite some time.
I hope she was worth the wait!

China Blue was sculpted with the opulence of the Marie Antoinette era in mind.
Decadent sweets and surroundings is what I envisioned when creating her.

She is a OOAK hand sculpted from Fimo Clay.
White mohair locks in an up swept style. 
She has hand made glass eyes and a gorgeous vintage blue shimmering
pin highlights her headpiece.

She comes with a large wooden base and  tri-fold background.
Adorned with shimmering ribbons and crystals. 

Her dress is made of a gorgeous blue and white pattern with layers and layers
of frothy tulle. A Blue Bow and white rose adorn her necklace.

Behind her is a small chandelier that glimmers in the sunlight.

Tiny hand made heart shaped cookies adorn a nearby plate.

Decadent desserts surround her. 

Ribbons adorn her dress. 

Soft strawberries and cream coloring's on her face.

Tiny little shoes to match her dress and streamers of ribbons and bows cascading down
the front of her dress.

Top view of her dress and delicate hands.

She comes with all the beautiful hand made desserts which include a Cake, Macaroons,
Petite Cakes and Heart Shaped Frosted Cookies all displayed on darling cake stands along with her

She is most certainly a pampered queen!!! 

Thanks for looking!



She is available for purchase here: