Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Zoey" promised...I present "Zoey"
This doll has been a piece that I have been trying to work on the last few months off and on as time permited. I had a romantic french style dress in mind when I started working on her. Her colors are very soft, dusty antique peach tones made with antique fabrics. She stands on a decoupage rose base and comes with a little faux bird and faerie on a flower. Very fun piece to make...with gorgeous dragonfly wings. Watch for her to be listed on ebay soon....
Warmly, Marcie


Bonnie said...

She is so soft and beautifully sculpted and dressed...just delightful..good luck with her on E-bay. And thanks for the nice comments on the Fairy Society..much appreciated.
Glad to see you sculpting again.
Your website site is very nice and so well organized..nice to see all of your work together.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your next piece!