Monday, March 23, 2009

Fairy Cake Series - Beth & her pet Chickie

Beth & her pet Chickie!
Available now on ebay...


Joanna Thomas said...

So cute Marice! I love your work! This piece is very charming and soo sweet! Reminds me of when I was young.
I am so happy to find you here! I didn't know you had a blog either. I just started mine a couple of weeks ago. I can't find the button thingy though on yours to 'follow' yours. Am I missing it? I am still learning all the bells and whistles here.


Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Thank you Joanna for stopping by! Great to hear from you. The Subscribe To Button for my Blog is at the very bottom of my page. I would be so happy to have you be one of my followers :) I added your site to mine also. Thanks again!!! Talk to you soon!!! Hugs, Marcie