Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coming Soon!....Ryanne and her Marionette

Once I attach her wings...Ryanne will soon be ready to fly!!! Stay Tuned!!!


Joanna Thomas said...

ohhhh Marcie her face is so pretty! I can't wait to see all of her! Don't keep us in suspense long!


Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Thank you Joanna! Hopefully she will be done in a couple of days. Just putting on the finishing touches. Thanks for stopping by!!!

Bonnie said...

She is so sweet and lovely. I love her.

Dessa Rae said...

Marcie, she is perfection!!
I see you are from Boise Idaho. I am originally from Burley Idaho. I have been to Boise many times. I moved to Utah when I was 12 years old.

Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Ohh...thank you Bonnie!
And "Thank You" for stopping by!
Hugs, Marcie ;)

Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Hi Dessa! That is really nice to know!! Another fellow Idahoan! LOL I have some good friends from Burley.
If you are ever in Boise it would be fun to get together!!! How do you like Salt Lake?? Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by. Warmly, Marcie