Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lou Lou and Bowser

One Of A Kind
Fine Art Doll
Marcie Hart
Lou Lou is sculpted from polymer clay and stands approx. 10" on her base.
She is a One Of A Kind doll sculpted from a lump of clay.

Her faithful dog Bowser is always by her side. His bark is bigger than his bite, but he thinks he is
quite tough. He thinks by digging up the biggest bones he can prove to his bigger dog friends that he is tougher than they are, but just between you and me...he is a little softie and ever adoring of Lou Lou! 

Bowser is sculpted of polymer clay and then flocked with fur. He has a rhinestone studded collar and bone complete with slobber. Mmmmm...a dogs favorite treat!

Lou Lou's little raggedy dollie also goes with her wherever she goes. She has been drug through dirt, sand, and mud and attended numerous tea party's, birthday's and slumber parties.  Lou Lou loves her...and she loves Lou Lou!  ;-)

I had much fun designing and sculpting this little doll.
I love children that look rambunctious with tousled hair and a glint of mischief in their eyes.
Children at play! Nothing cuter and more endearing than that!  ;-)

Lou Lou's gorgeous red hair is mohair, her eyes are hand sculpted and painted. Her glasses are also handmade by me.

Lou Lou stands on a handpainted polka dot base.
 Bowser is permanent but she is removeable.

I hope you like her!
Thank you for viewing!

P.S.  This is my little dog Rosie. We just got her in October 2011 and she was the inspiration behind Bowser. Her sister...Sage...a red heeler ...are constantly playing under my feet when I am working. Even though she is quite small in size compared to Sage....she thinks she IS the boss!
They are exactly 1 year apart and I love them dearly!
I think this doll came out as a subconsience self portrait of me.
I have always loved dolls and a piece of me is shining through on this little doll!

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Dessa Rae said...

Hi Marcie,
I have to say that your little Lou Lou and Bowser ar just adorable. I love the setting and they go so well together. The details are wonderful. I love Rosie and Sage!! such cute animals they look like they are so loving!! Isn't it funny how the smaller animals can certainly be the Boss...we have a 4 month old kitten and she rules the roost... she chases our 9 year old tom cat and wins every
I am looking forward to seeing more of your creations...

Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Hi Dessa! LOL....Yes...I agree. Your little kitty sounds adorable! I love kittens. We also have a kitty named Hook (He has a broken tail that looks like a hook on the end) along with 2 stray cats we feed. They are so funny and get so disgusted with the slobbering dogs! LOL Nice to hear from you!!! xoxoxo ;-)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Marcie,
This is just what I have been waiting for, to see a new creation.. I was not expecting THREE... OH Marice!! I love this set... Lou Lou is just adorable, love her hair, so many details, and Bowser is the cutest little guy... You have put a BIG smile on my face this evening... Your workmanship is exceptional...

Now for your two beautiful companions.. Sage is just beautiful, and little Rosie... ahhhh... She looks just like my schnauzer Mr. Niles... rest his little soul... Is Rosie a schnauzer?
I have two poodles, Jasper and Zoe.
Mr. J is 8 years old and Zoe is coming up on 2 years... They are such dears...

Thank you for sharing your amazing work Marcie... It sure was worth the wait.
Blessings, Penny

Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Thank you so much Penny! I did have fun creating this little doll. Yes...Rosie is a schnauzer. We had another S&P schnauzer years ago named Shotzie that we loved so much. They are such nice dogs...aren't they??? I love the names of your dogs... Jasper and Zoe... LOL so cute! I have never had a poodle but have heard they are very nice dogs too. What would our lives be without our faithful companions! Thanks for popping in! ;-)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Marcie
Thank you so much for your most welcome visit and kind words about little Jemima... She was inspired by the real Jemima, who resides at Hopalong Hollow... I don't know if you clicked the link to go there.. You can see Jemima on Jeri's sidebar..
Jeri lives on a magnificent farm with all her animals.. She is a Author, Artist and illustrator... If you have not met Jeri you should take a peek when you have time...

So sorry I am late in getting back to you...
Enjoy your weekend,
Blessings, Penny

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh, I forgot to mention. Yes, you know when I see your little Rosie my heart drops... I miss my schnauzer... There is just something about the breed that is very special... My poodles are very dear to me also, and I am blessed to have them by my side.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Marcie

Thank you for wandering over to meet Abby! I had such fun creating her... Little trouble with the legs, but a real joy to work on..

I would love to see some of your work with wool felt... Would you one day share some photos? I would really enjoy that.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
Take care Marcie,
fondly, Penny

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Marcie
Thank you so much for wandering over to meet Abby. So happy you liked her... The legs, for me anyway are quite a challenge.. They still could be better, I hope I improve with time..
I would love to see some of your work with wool felt... Would you one day share some photos? I would really enjoy that.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend