Monday, February 25, 2013

German Bisque Pansy III Doll by George Borgfeldt

German Bisque Pansy III by George Borgfeldt.

I have loved the Pansy dolls for quite some time. I now have acquired all four of the Pansy dolls.
Today I am sharing my latest restoration. 
This is Pansy III made by German doll maker Geroge Borgfeldt. Era 1910-20

When I first acquired her she was in a frumpy blue dress. She did come with a gorgeous blonde wig...but it just didn't suit her very well so I replaced it with a beautiful human hair wig in a brunette color to match her gorgeous big brown eyes.
She had no undergarments so I proceeded to make her a slip and bloomers. 
Her shoes were not appropriate so I replaced them with a cute pair of black oil cloth shoes.
I am always on the lookout for old christening gowns. This one had some tiny rips that I repaired and then later covered with the lavender colored ribbons.  The dress was hemmed and vintage lace added to the hem sewn entirely by hand. The sleeves were also shortened. These old gowns are gorgeous made into doll dresses. Old christening gowns that may have stains or other imperfections are great for transforming into a pretty dress for a doll.
She received new hair ribbons, a sweet vintage pin and then she was complete! 

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