Monday, February 25, 2013

Handwerck and Heinrich 109 -11 21"

Lots of things to share so lets get started...

I have been working on some new restorations to share so I will start with those first!

Handwerck Heinrich 109 -11 21"
This is a beautiful doll made by Simon and Halbig for Handwerck on her original signed Handwerck composition and wood doll body made in Germany circa 1900.

I was so thrilled when I got this doll because she came with her original lace dress. It is gorgeous and was in nice condition...just needing a cleaning. 
She was in nice condition needing only a little cleaning to be done. I washed her clothes, replaced her ribbons and added the darling vintage doll hat I had purchased several years ago. 
As far as restorations...she really didn't have any issues other than her hands were a little scraped up.
I lightly retouched the paint on them just to make them a little more presentable.
This doll is known for her sweet Dolly type face and is one of the most sought after dolls for collectors.
I love how she turned out.
A truly gorgeous example of a fine bisque german doll!

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